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Krishna's Representative

The Paramahamsa Vaisnava moves throughout the world, propagating divine knowledge for the benefit of we who fell asleep in the wrong decision to exploit in the mortal world. He reveals to us in our conditioned state the highest prospect buried under the prejudiced conception of our conditioned nature. By his divine consciousness and ever sweet eternal and continual service to the higher world he comes to show and reveal his eternal service mood to Sri Krsna reality the beautiful to the fortunate souls that take his darshana. He is in a natural state of full surrender and glorification to the divine Lord ,and sees everything with that vision, he asks us to offer ourselves, in body, words, and mind in loving service, he comes to remind us of our real position as servitors of the all blissful Divine Person. Ar na koriho mane asa ,make his instructions one with your heart, by his mercy all doubts are cleared, all tears wiped from our saddened eyes and he reveals our highest prospect inviting us back home back to godhead. He instils within us, to try to utilise and see the world around us, as ingredients for the service to our loving Lord. We are all foreigners here, but he shows us our real intrinsic nature as servitors of our beloved Lord, in that plane we are all in divine harmony, well wishers of each other in service to the Divine play of their  Lordships. His mercy is to empower all to serve the Divine truth with love and affection, he plants the seed of faith and then invites us and all others to embrace and surrender to the greatest of all prospects,  as in the words of GuruMaharaja "we thank our lucky stars", oh this has come to be revealed in such a noble, and sweet way, in the midst of so much misconception, what fortune has come to bless us who wander the mortal plane. The earth planet is blessed by all those great Vaisnavas who have appeared here. Dayala Nitai!
Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

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