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Kirtan And Harinam In The Bay

Kirtan And Harinam In The Bay

The devotees met at Clive Square Napier for kirtan in the park and later on a Harinam through the streets of Napier city. We were all blessed to meet Jerome who was an inspiring soul who is a great help in the local community. Jerome stayed a while, while we had a nice kirtan and informal spiritual discussion in the park.

Later on the devotees chanted through Emerson street in attempt to spread the Holy Name to all.

After the Harinam the devotees traveled back to Krishna kirtan Prabhu and Madhurya Lila Devi Dasi's house where they all helped with preparations for the ceremony, making flower garlands, cooking, setting up the temple room etc.

A big thank you to all the devotees who accompanied us on the Harinam and helped out with the devotional preparations for the initiation ceremony.

Dayal Nitai! Dayal Nitai!

All glories to all our Masters!


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