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Vyasa Puja Celebration And Farm Trip

The 24th of January was Srila B A Keshava Maharaja's appearance day.

The devotees all took a trip out to the farm and spiritual retreat at Takapau, run by James Prabhu and his dear wife Cecelia Didi. We all had an amazing day discussing the glories of our masters, reading from their divine books and participating in kirtan, congregational chanting of the holy name, the yuga dharma for this age of kali yuga. We also all had the privilege to go on a Harinam for the protected cows on James and Cecelias farm, it was so nice to see the inspiring couple doing such a wonderful job of looking after Krishnas sacred cows. It was so nice to see how friendly and happy all the cows were, the cows loved the affection that the devotees showed them, everyone had a wonderful time.

After the Harinam for the cows and living entities on the farm the devotees went back to the house and prepared lunch for Krishna. While waiting many of the devotees conversed and had a nice little kirtan. Lunch was had out in the garden under the shade of the tree's, the prasadam was Marinated curd steaks, with rye bread, vegetable subji, north indian cabbage salad, chutney, and also a delicious apple and blackberry crumble with cream. All the devotees honoured the prasadam with gratitude and appreciation.

The devotees felt very blessed to meet Emma didi, another sincere seeker and very nice lady. Emma was staying on the farm at the time, was so nice to be able to have her association also.

A great thanks to Srila B A Keshava Maharaja for making this all a possible, another big thank you to the wonderful couple, James and Cecelia for letting us have their lovely Vaishnava association and for letting us visit their wonderful property. A huge thank you also to all the devotees who came along to make the day ever so special, Krishna kirtan Prabhu, Madhurya Lila Devi Dasi, Abhimanyu Prabhu, Shyama Devi Dasi, Jamuna Devi Dasi, Navadvipa Candra Prabhu, and Emma didi.

All glories to Srila B A Keshava Maharaja!

All glories to all our masters!

All glories to all the devotees!











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