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Sri Advaita Acharyas Appearance Day

'An Ocean of Mercy'

by His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj

From Affectionate Guidance, Chapter 15

Srila Vrindavan Das Thakur writes, "The whole world is devoid of real love for Rama and Krsna. As was predicted in the scriptures for kali-yuga, people only know about ritualistic ceremonies. They stay up the whole night singing the glories of some demigod. Some of them proudly worship Visahari, who removes the effect of snake poison. Others set up idols and worship them with great wealth. They spend money lavishly on their sons and daughters. Like this, everyone simply wastes their time. They never care to engage in Krsna-kirttan which is the yuga-dharmma, our only religious practice for this age. They prefer to speak ill of others rather than say good things about them. Even from those who are puffed up with their detachment and renunciation, we never hear the chanting of the Holy Names from their lips. Some others think that the time of bathing is the only auspicious moment for chanting the names 'Govinda' and 'Pundarikaksa.' Those who recite the Bhagavatam for the education of the people, do not have the devotional serving mood in their tongue. Thus the Lord's energy produces the worldly illusion. This causes the devotee's unhappiness to increase without limit. Seeing the whole world devoid of Krsna-bhakti their hearts are burning within. Some of them feel such intense pain that they want to leave their bodies. Others simply sigh and produce the Name 'Krsna' in their exhaling. Their food no longer tastes good in their mouths. When they see the activities of this material world they become exceedingly unhappy."

Advaita Acharyya was glorified by everyone, even among the society of non-devotees, as He was representative of all the Vaisnavas. Sri Advaita Prabhu was residing in Mayapur and for the welfare of the world was engaged in worshipping the Lord and preaching His glories. The miserable condition of the living entities who were all forgetful of Krsna was giving pain to His heart.

He would arrange daily meetings for the devotees at which they would all express grief and profusely shed tears over the dreadful world situation. The Acharyya, who was an ocean of mercy, found the miserable condition of the living entities to be unbearable and He decided resolutely within Himself, that He would call the Lord to personally descend and save the situation. "I will meet Vaikunthanath and bring Him here. Dancing and singing I will deliver all living entities." The glories of Advaita Acharyya were not unknown to the devotees. All were pleased by hearing the promise of Advaita Acharyya and they all engaged in His service having full faith in Him.

With this promise fixed in His mind, Sri Advaita Acharyya meditated on offering Ganges water and Tulasi leaves to the Lord constantly calling to Goloka-Vihari again and again. The Lord's throne was shaking. The devotees, who were also engaged in calling the Lord, abstained from all comforts and material enjoyment, and to relieve the devotees' unhappiness the all-merciful Lord prepared to descend to this world.

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