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Srila Bhakti Asraya Keshava Maharaja

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Quotes on 'devotees' by the Masters in the Gaudiya Disciplic Succesion:

Everyone should feel proud of becoming sincere servant of Krishna, but the pure devotee never minimizes the importance of other devotees. Krishna is the enjoyer of varieties of service. It is not stuck up with any particular type of service. Krishna takes pleasure with devotees even by fighting service. When Grandfather Bhisma was trying to injure the body of Krishna by sharpened arrows, in full devotion in the mellow of chivalry, Krishna was feeling the piercing of the arrows as good as worshiping him with soft rose flowers. The conclusion is that everyone should be very very sincere. There is no more the question of inferior or superior.


Srila Swami Maharaja - Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bombay 19 January, 1975:

I am so glad to learn that Krishna is endowing you with more and more intelligence in the matter of understanding Krishna Consciousness. Krishna is very kind and any sincere devotee is always taken care of by His Lordship in all respects.


Srila Swami Maharaja- Letter to Dayananda -- Montreal 7 July, 1968:

There are two gurus—one internal and the other external. The internal Guru is Krishna Himself seated in everyone's heart, and the external Guru is the Spiritual Master. So a sincere devotee is helped both externally and internally. To the sincere devotee the internal Guru Krishna dictates, but the thing has to be conformed by the external Guru then it is all right.


Srila Swami Maharaja - Letter to Kancanbala -- Los Angeles 14 January, 1968:

Regarding your first question, what is the difference in full between the Spiritual Master, Krishna, and the devotee? The answer is that Krishna is the source of all energies of the spiritual and material creations, the devotee is the part and parcel servant of Krishna, and the Spiritual Master is the transparent via media for leading the conditioned souls back to home, back to Godhead. All living entities are the servants of Krishna, but the living entities who have fallen into this conditioned life are forgetful of their eternal relationship with the Lord. The role of the bona fide Spiritual Master is to lead the conditioned souls out of forgetfulness and back into pure consciousness of serving the Lord in transcendental loving service.


Srila Swami Maharaja - Letter to Visala -- West Virginia 16 June, 1969:

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