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   Inner Nature

Our intrinsic nature or inner nature as jiva souls is the serving nature, we can either serve the out going current of exploitation which of course is temporary and brings a karmic reaction within the cycle of birth and death...........CTD.   Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

Servant of the Servant

All glories to all the servants of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga both young and old, to the beginners and the advanced we are inspired by them all, we are their servants.

Srila B A Keshava Maharaja


Srila Gurudeva

Srila Gurudev is the transcendental Medium and embodiment of pure service to Lord Krsna, by aspiring to please and serve him by our humble service offerings we are supremely blessed. He offers our ingredients and love upward to his Guru and on toward the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha and Krsna. Dayala Nitai! Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

Progressive Practise

Two things are necessary for progressive practise in the life of devotion, proper practise and proper mood, like as a train requires two lines of track to proceed. Practise nicely the daily sravana and kirtan ordained and revealed by the Acharyas and the proper mood is always be humble, tolerant and give honour to all others, in the company of honest devotees. If we can try in this way we will progress by the mercy of our beloved Masters. They will see our sincerity in trying to follow, and we will get relief from all provincial waves, and in time the wave of Bhakti Shakti will embrace us more and more. Dayala Nitai!

Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

Krishna's Representative

The Paramahamsa Vaisnava moves throughout the world propagating divine knowledge for the benefit of we who fell asleep in the wrong decision to exploit in the mortal world. He reveals to us in our conditioned state the highest prospect buried under the prejudiced conception of our conditioned nature. By his divine consciousness and ever sweet eternal and continual service to the higher world he comes to show and reveal his eternal service mood to Sri Krsna, reality the beautiful, to the fortunate souls that take his darshana. Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

   Divine Player

Life is unfolding, all is not as it seems, look deeper, we are being drawn by the unimaginable force of the Divine player. Where? Everywhere! Who? In the heart of all! How? Through the mood of devotion to the Divine agent!  Distributing mystical and all harmonising waves creates a dynamic forum for all to shift. Let go, die to live and love in a higher atmosphere of well wishers everywhere. Dayal Nitai! Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

   All Auspicious

All auspiciousness awakens when we understand that everything is for the service of the all loving Lord, Sri Krsna. When the false ego surrenders to reality and tries to please the absolute centre through service, everything comes into harmony. Dayala Nitai! Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

   Real Affection

Bhakti yoga is the path ruled by our hearts, not our mind or sastric intelligence. Remember Srila Gurudev spoke the real language of affection for all the Lords children, ever beckoning them on in empowerment to serve and shine in their real divine nature.

Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

Act in the living present

Forget the past that sleeps, nor the future dream at all, but act in times that are with thee and progress ye shall call - Bhaktivinoda Thakur. ACT ACT in the living present heart within and God overhead. Today is all we have, so try to dive deep in practise of devotion. Hear and Chant the Glories of our Lord Always, divine sound will awaken us to reality. Be humble, tolerant, and give honour to others, then the practise of devotion will go on without major disturbance.........CTD.  Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

   Our Prayer

Dandavat pranams eternally dear Masters. We pray to offer ourselves as useful instruments in the hands of the Great Vaisnava Acharyas, their instructions are our guiding light and eternal wealth. May their glories be spread throughout the three worlds for the supreme benefit of all conditioned souls. We pray to try to please them in our humble attempt to follow their divine path, revealed by mystical devotional mercy..........CTD.   Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

  Bhakti Lata Bija

This human life has been blessed for those who have connected with and taken divine connection with a Mahabhagavat Vaisnava. So with that seed of bhakti that is planted in our heart we are able to gradually give more and more attention to the practicing life of cultivating that bhakti lata bija..........CTD.   Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

   Gurudevas Mercy

The Journey of the practioner is no doubt filled with many stages. By the mercy of Srila Gurudev he will see our attempt, and as we die to live by service to Hari, Guru and the Vaisnavas they will see our sincere attempt and we must get relief from the illusory environment...........CTD.   Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

  Prema Bhakti

Prema bhakti jaha hoite avidya vinasa jate - from him prema bhakti ( Divine Love) emanates and by him all ignorance is destroyed. Oh beloved Srila Gurudev we pray to serve you in separation with true sincerity and in the company of the honest devotees, these are our humble prayers at your lotus feet. Dayala Nitai!   Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

  Your Mercy

Oh beloved Master we are forever indebted and we pray to serve you in separation through your divine teachings and with the Vaisnavas, that is your mercy to us who still walk the earth.   Srila B A Keshava Maharaja

Letter From Srila B V Trivikram Maharaja

Dear Srila Keshava Maharaj,

I’m genuinely happy to see your movements.

If you can keep the mood of our Gurus, being humble like a blade of grass, being tolerant as a tree and offering honor to all without expecting honor for you, then your preaching will grow like anything.... CTD.

Srila Bhakti Vijay Trivikram Maharaja

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