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Our mission is to try to fufill the desire of Lord Chaitanya by spreading the Holy name of Krishna far and wide which is the only real remedy for a suffering humanity. The mission of Lord  Chaitanya is to help induce and encourage all sleeping souls to reject that witch called maya and to become eternally happy by stepping up to the spiritual platform of sac cid ananda, eternity knowledge and bliss where there is no pain and suffering, through chanting the Holy names of God. Lord Chaitanya that most munificent incarnation of Lord Krishna predicted that in every town and village the Holy Name of the blessed Lord Krishna will be heard, so we are all making our humble attempts to please Lord Chaitanya and our previous Acharyas by trying to continue in their footsteps to spread the holy name and teachings of Lord Chaitanya  so that all living entities, moving and non moving may have the chance to be blessed by the benediction moon of Lord Chaitany's sublime sankirtan movement. The sankirtan movement which was propogated by the Lord himself and his Eternal Associates is the only hope for a suffering humanity, it can put a stop to the cycle of repeated birth and death, it can bless the finite jiva soul with eternal knowledge, bliss and benediction. The nectar of spreading Krishna Consciousness is our heart and soul, never has there been or never will there be a gift as great as giving Krishna to others.

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