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The Transcendental Mediator or Sri Gurudev is a loving Agent of the All-love, and so will be kind to us who are seeking for a tie of love with the All-love. This Embodiment of Love will gradually lead our loving mood to that One Who is the Fountainhead and mainstay of all aspects of eternal Love. This messenger is the pioneer leader of Love, the courier of the All-love, the establisher of all relations of Divine Love and the regulator and modifier of all our non-loving principles: If we ignore this fundamental principle we will be taking too much responsibility on ourselves.

The Harmonising Energy of the All-love can shower His blessings personally or through His Agents. Our perception of numerous units in this misguided world has given rise to a desire to lord it over others but that act itself is the result of a wrong perspective which engenders apathy towards concentrating our unconditional activities in and for the All-love. If we have a devotional attitude towards the Preceptor, we are sure
to get at our Final Goal through him who liberates us by changing our wrong mentality by two processes.

The Deluding Energy of the All-love that is fully opposed to our eternal interest of love towards the Absolute shows a pair of pincers or shafts in order to grip us in her clutches; viz., that of dislocating and that of enwrapping her disciples by means of her kind but sure treatment. So the sincere activities of the Spiritual Guru always tend to give permanent relief to his disciples from those two-fold clutches of maya which have given rise to the worldly measuring mood of disciples. The Guru aims at extending their knowledge of the Absolute and removing the foreign obstacles of double layers of dirt that cover them.

A mere flatterers role of lulling and encouraging the wrong aptitudes of a disciple should never be aimed at in the selection of a real and true Guru. A submissive temper with unconditional surrender on the part of a disciple to the All-love will invoke His mercy and He will condescend to fulfill our prayer. The cogent but loving potency of the All-love will then be operating on us to pacify the turmoil arising out of our baneful activities. The Preceptor will never let us fall into the extensive share of maya as he has no ulterior motive to dissuade us from having a sure access to the Transcendental Treasures. He will show us for our inspection or examination a comparative chart of the magnitude of time, space and entity. When we submit to measurement, we see no necessity of any outside help; but when we consider him to be our most intimate friend coming down to us out of causeless mercy, and at the same time to be the bona fide and sure healer of our present maladies we find that he is identical in his activities with the All-love and that he is not only superior to us in every respect but he ever remains in the same direction with Godhead, possessed of a transparent pure entity to approach the Absolute; whereas, other so-called preceptors have always an impure opacity, with which they impede our impressions of the Eternity, Full Knowledge and Incessant Bliss of the All-love.

Our own eternal function is to associate ourselves with the Eternal, to sever our connection with everything temporal, to engage ourselves in All-Knowledge, to dispel all darkness of ignorance as well as to develop and progress with our inherent enthusiasm for the transcendental.


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