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This human life has been blessed for those who have been connected with and have taken divine connection with a Mahabhagavat Vaisnava. When that seed of bhakti  is planted in our hearts we are able to gradually give more and more attention to the practicing life of cultivating that bhakti lata bija creeper. By hearing and chanting the Mahamantra and always aspiring to please the divine master like a good and sincere gardener, in body, mind, and words, with devotional affection that bhakti lata bija creeper will grow. We must try to give as much attention in service as possible according to our capacity and more help will come from above. Life after life we will go on praying and serving in the company of the Vaisnavas, we are not alone, inspiration will come in many ways like a divine mystical breeze. One day in the future we will find that we have arrived home in service to their lordships Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga in their divine abode, this is the aspiration of all Gaudiya Vaisnavas.........dayal Nitai!

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