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Gurudevas Mercy


The Journey of the practioner is no doubt filled with many stages, by the mercy of Srila Gurudev he will see our attempt and as we die to live by service to Hari, Guru and the Vaisnavas, they will see our sincere attempt and we must get relief from the illusory environment.


As relief comes, our focus and determination will grow, and the result of service life is deeper, and deeper levels of service to the higher world. Our prospect is so great and is the highest objective for all souls. We want to become not only "lifers" as they say, but we ultimately want to be successful candidates of eternal service to our loving Lord in the Rupanuga dhara line. We are our own friends or enemies in relation to our submission and service mood to the Maha bhagavat devotees. The key to success is to follow in the mood and footsteps of those who are fully surrendered to Sri Guru. All good things take time, we must be faithful sincere and patient. The servant of the servant of the Vaisnavas is our motto in life ................daso smi .......


Srila Bhakti Asraya Keshava Maharaja

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