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Don't take the inconceivable under the jurisdiction of reason.


Srila Govinda Maharaja

Don't take the inconceivable under the jurisdiction of reason. When it will be extended to you, you will be astounded to find only a peep into that. Na tams tarkena yojayet: don't try to drag that into the zone of reason. This is autocratic in its nature. It may come in one shape to you, it may go in another shape to another gentleman. It is so expansive and so free in its nature. It is infinite. Rather the Infinite is the base of those Pastimes. Always prepare yourself. Hanker. But don't make it an object of your experience. When Mahaprabhu talked about the higher Lilas it was as if He was in a trance. As if in a trance He gave a description of His wonderful experience of Krsna-lila. Several times we find that sort of deep Lila: the higher Lila of Krsna being related by Mahaprabhu Himself: the Govarddhan-lila and the Jalakeli-lila when He jumped unconscious into the ocean and for a few hours was carried by the waves of the sea to Chakra-tirtha from Swargadvar. The jalakeli of Krsna, He described how it is. A lso at Chatak Parvvat - there is no end to His Lila. When His body was transformed like a pumpkin, then also He described a Lila, but the nature of that description was not any book-produced thing. It cannot be taken into black and white. It is such a thing. So we receive caution often, that: "Don't try. It will come automatically. Go on with the program that is given by the Sastra and the Guru and it will be. If you have such possibility of fortune then it will come to you. It is not a natural experience that can be given to this and that. It is not to be tackled in such way."


yatha yatha gaura-padaravinde


Engage your full attention in Gaura-lila and that will come automatically within you. From the indirect way it will come to you from the higher domain. When it will be pleased it will come down for some time to give you experience, and you will simply be astonished, "What is this!" Then even when gone, withdrawn, you will have nothing to lament. It is a living thing. Try to come to get the whole. We cannot make it our object. Such higher thing! Such higher thing. Even it is very hard to see an ordinary man's conduct with his intimate friends, and so it is with the Lila of the Supreme Lord. How can we dare to enter into that, and especially publicly? It is not possible. Externally we can try to give some description of the outer possibilities, but not the actual thing. We won't venture to enter there.

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