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The Unlimited, Unconditional Mercy of Nityananda Prabhu

Jaya Om Visnupad Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharyyavaryya Astottara Sri Srimad Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj ki jaya!
Jaya Bhagavan Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur ki jaya!
Jaya Nityananda Prabhu ki jaya!
Tvadiya avirbhav tithi parama-mahotsav ki jaya!
Hadai Pandit ki jaya!
Padmavati Devi ki jaya!
Ananta koti Vaisnava-vrinda ki jaya!
Saparsada Sriman Mahaprabhu ki jaya!
Rupanuga Guru-varga ki jaya!
Harinam Sankirttan ki jaya!
Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math ki jaya!
Sree Chaitanya Saraswata Krishnanushilana Sangha ki jaya!
Haridasa Thakur ki jaya!
Samaveta Vaisnava mandala ki jaya!
Gaura Premanande Haribol!


Today is a very auspicious day for this world because Sri Nityananda Prabhu appeared, who is so merciful, more merciful even than Mahaprabhu. When Mahaprabhu is chastising someone a little, Nityananda Prabhu is giving much nourishment to him. Kala Krishna Das was unwanted in the Sampradaya, this was shown by Mahaprabhu, but Nityananda Prabhu didn't care. He took him and gave him so much mercy, and took him as His own parsada. Like that, Nityananda Prabhu's character is very, very deep and very merciful. What can I say about Nityananda Prabhu!

We have seen Srila Guru Maharaj show us that he is always depending on the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu. A servitor wanted to give Srila Guru Maharaj his Harinam japa mala to chant, but he said, "No, no, no my only hope now is Nityananda Prabhu. Dayal Nitai! Dayal Nitai! Dayal Nitai!" This we have seen in Guru Maharaj's character.

Anyhow, that Nityananda was so merciful to Jagai and Madhai, to the Kazi Muslim leader, and to so many others, fallen souls and asuras. By the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu they all received liberation and Prema Bhakti — not only liberation. That Nityananda Prabhu is more merciful than Mahaprabhu. Sri Vrindavan Das Thakur and Sri Krishna Dasa Kaviraj Goswami told us that Nityananda appeared in Rarha-desa, Birbhum District. He was the only son of Hadai Pandit and Padmavati Devi, but from that day Rarha-desa became so much enriched with Krishna-Bhakti, and Nityananda Prabhu played at Ekachakra Dham. Ekachakra village later took the name Virachandrapur. At that time Virachandra Prabhu bestowed his mercy more than Nityananda Prabhu all over the world at that time.

The Play of the Lord

All the children would play with Nityananda Prabhu in the village, but His play was Krishna lila. Krishna played in Braja Dham, and Nityananda Prabhu played all the pastimes of Krishna in the form of Nityananda, as Balaram. His nature was like that. And that Nityananda Prabhu was just twelve years old when a sannyasi came to his father's house. As soon as the sannyasi saw Nityananda, he immediately understood that He was not an ordinary boy. He asked His father, Hadai Pandit, "I am going to many pilgrimage places, and it is my prayer that you give this boy to me." Hearing this was like a thunderbolt to Hadai Pandit and he fainted, but finally he gave Nityananda Prabhu to that sannyasi.

In this way Nityananda Prabhu left His house when He was twelve years old, but His pastimes were miraculous. Everywhere He went he gave Krishna-Prema but He Himself was hiding from all the circumstances. Until joining with Mahaprabhu's pastimes, Nityananda Prabhu did not reveal much of His actual nature.

Some said the sannyasi was Madhavendra Puri, and some said he was another sannyasi but that later Nityananda met Madhavendra Puri at the pilgrimage places. Anyhow Nityananda Prabhu and Madhavendra Puri could understand each other easily, and Madhavendra Puri accepted Nityananda Prabhu, by divine will, as his disciple.

Madhavendra Puri's meeting with Nityananda Prabhu made a turning point in His life, and after that, Nityananda Prabhu went to so many pilgrimage places. Nityananda Prabhu was perhaps one year senior in age to Mahaprabhu. Then, when He was seeing all the pilgrimage places with ecstasy of Krishna-Prema He went to Vrindavan, where He searched, "Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna?" And Krishna himself in the human form came to him and said: "I have now appeared in a household in Nabadwip." Then Nityananda Prabhu came to Nabadwip. At that time, Mahaprabhu also came back from Gaya Dham and showed His Krishna-Prema in the devotees' assembly. When the devotees understood what was the form of Mahaprabhu, they were very happy and they understood that this is the incarnation of the Lord and that the Lord Himself had appeared for bestowing His mercy through Harinam Sankirttan.

Mahaprabhu started there, little by little, a Sankirttan programme. After coming back from Gaya Dham, Mahaprabhu started some Sankirttan program every night in Srivas Pandit's house. This way Mahaprabhu was spending His time and waiting for Nityananda. Nobody knew why Mahaprabhu wasn't widely starting, but when Nityananda came, they understood that this is the cause. Adwaita Prabhu declared that Mahaprabhu is Bhagavan. Srivas Pandit, Gadadhara Pandit, all declared everywhere that Mahaprabhu is Bhagavan, and Mahaprabhu also showed them that. But Mahaprabhu was not showing His full manifestation as the giver of Krishna-Prema. He was waiting for Nityananda. We see this in the Scriptures.

Where is Krishna?

Nityananda Prabhu came, searching, "Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna?" But when He understood that Mahaprabhu was living in Jagannath Misra's house, and He is also searching for Nityananda, then Nityananda came to Nabadwip to Nandan Acharyya Bhavan. Nandan Acharyya was a great disciple of Mahaprabhu, and He stayed hiddenly in his house.

That morning, Mahaprabhu said to the Vaisnava group: "Last night I have seen in My dream that in Haladhar's chariot, Baladeva's chariot, there is one mahapurusa and He is searching where is Nimai Pandit's house. That chariot came in front of My house and met with Me. I have seen that mahapurusa. I am thinking that Baladeva Himself has taken the form of a mahapurusa and He has already come to Nabadwip. You go and search where He is!"

The devotees searched in so many places, but they could not discover where Nityananda Prabhu was. They came back, and they were thinking it was simply Mahaprabhu's dream. But Mahaprabhu said, "It is not only a dream, it is a truthful dream. Then I shall go." Then Mahaprabhu went to search in Nandan Acharyya's Bhavan, and there they saw Nityananda Prabhu seated. When Mahaprabhu saw Nityananda, He was with full joy in His heart with Krishna-Prema and He was very much intoxicated. And Nityananda Prabhu also saw Mahaprabhu and could not move, He was so full of ecstasy and joy in His heart and He became like a senseless man, with Krishna-Prema.

Mahaprabhu came forward and embraced Nityananda, and They both fainted. They both took Their divine form, and the devotees understood that Nityananda Prabhu was not an ordinary sannyasi or ordinary brahmachari. They did not know Nityananda Prabhu, but they saw Mahaprabhu's expression and Nityananda Prabhu's expression and they immediately understood that They both appeared from the divine abode.

In many places in the Scriptures it is said that Mahaprabhu is non-different from Krishna, Abhinna-swarup, and in that way they also considered Nityananda Prabhu. When Nityananda Prabhu joined in the party of Mahaprabhu, the party of Mahaprabhu took full form. Haridas Thakur also joined. So Mahaprabhu got two generals at once: Haridas Thakur and Nityananda Prabhu. Then Mahaprabhu started to preach widely His conception.

harer nama harer nama harer namaiva kevalam
kalau nasty eva nasty eva nasty eva gatir anyatha

Mahaprabhu said to Nityananda Prabhu and Haridas Thakur: "Now you go door to door and tell everyone: Bolo Krishna, bhaja Krishna, koro Krishna siksa. Nothing else is necessary to do, and whoever will take it with a clean heart, I shall be a slave of them, and whoever will be 'anti,' I shall punish them." This way Mahaprabhu gave orders to Nityananda Prabhu and Haridas. At first they started preaching to the gentle families without any problem, but then they saw Jagai and Madhai in the road. Jagai and Madhai were prestigious in the city as Circle Inspectors of the government, but they were very bad character men, always drinking, eating meat and doing many wrong things. That day they were drinking in the road in front of everyone.

Nityananda and Haridas both thought, "This is the best place to bestow the mercy of Mahaprabhu." Then Nityananda Prabhu proposed to Haridas, "I shall go there," and Haridas, being a little aged, told him, "If they will chastise You, You may be able to run, but I cannot run, then it will be dangerous for us, so it is not necessary to go there." He was testing the mind of Nityananda, but Nityananda Prabhu said, "No, this is a first class opportunity for showing Mahaprabhu's quality."

Then Nityananda Prabhu went to Jagai and Madhai and said: "You chant 'Hare Krishna!' Take Krishna's Name! Bolo Krishna, bhaja Krishna, koro Krishna siksa." Jagai and Madhai said: "Oh, You are a sannyasi and trying to teaching us! Get out from here, nonsense person, otherwise we shall kill You!" Nityananda again approached, but then they came to beat Nityananda and Haridas. They ran away that day by some means, but Mahaprabhu received a report and smiled to hear that.

Nityananda Prabhu's determination

The next day Nityananda Prabhu settled, "I must give Krishna-Prema to them." That next day He went, and that day also He saw Jagai and Madhai drinking wine. Nityananda Prabhu said, "Jagai and Madhai, anything you can do, but you chant 'Hare Krishna!' It is the order of Mahaprabhu."

"Oh, the order of Mahaprabhu! You ran away that day but today again you have come?" There was a wine pot nearby, and they threw that wine pot to the head of Nityananda and cut it. Blood was falling, and Nityananda Prabhu exclaimed, "This is more mercy of Mahaprabhu to Me," and He again told them: "You can beat Me more and more, but you chant 'Hare Krishna!' It is the order of Mahaprabhu. You will get liberation."

Madhai said, "Now again you are coming to me!" Then again Madhai took a wine pot, a clay wine pot as used at that time, and wanted to throw it at Nityananda Prabhu, but Jagai took his hand and told him, "Nonsense! He is a sannyasi. Why you are behaving with Him like this? Nonsense. Leave him!"

Like this, Jagai made some good comment and stopped him. In the meantime other people saw what was happening, and they gave news to Mahaprabhu that Nityananda Prabhu was hit and that He did not want to come back, determined to give them Harinam and Krishna-Prema. Then Mahaprabhu went there with His big devotee party, and He saw the blood on Nityananda Prabhu's head, and Mahaprabhu was very angry. He forgot His mundane appearance and He called the sudarshan chakra and He wanted to cut off the heads of Jagai and Madhai. In the meantime, Nityananda Prabhu took the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu and said, "What are You doing? This is not dwarpa-yuga. It is kali-yuga. Here tolerance and humility are necessary. If You want to bestow Your mercy to others, through tolerance and humility You can do that. You cannot use the chakra in this Avatar. This incarnation is not for that."

And Mahaprabhu said, "I cannot tolerate this type of activity of the asuras." Nityananda Prabhu said, "But both of them are not offenders. One is an offender but one rescued us from him. One saved us from the other's stupidity." After hearing of Jagai's activity to save Them, Mahaprabhu excused Jagai. Jagai took the Hare Krishna Mahamantra and fell down thinking of his previous karmma. He took the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu: "Mahaprabhu, please forgive my offences. There is no other way." Jagai then received Krishna-Prema.

The circumstances there were very heavy, but in the meantime Madhai also became a little conscious to see Jagai's activities. Seeing that, Madhai also took the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu, but Mahaprabhu said, "I cannot do the same for you. You go to Nityananda. If He will give you forgiveness, then you will get My embrace. Otherwise, it is not possible." Then Madhai took Nityananda's lotus feet.

preme matta nityananda kapa-avatara
uttama, adhama, kichu na kare vicara
ye age padaye, tare karaye nistara
ataeva nistarila mo-hena duracara

If anyone will take shelter of Nityananda Prabhu, He is very merciful to him. Then He gave all forgiveness with Krishna-Prema to Madhai, and Mahaprabhu also embraced Madhai. Jagai and Madhai then chanted 'Hare Krishna' and danced with Krishna-Prema.

To see Mahaprabhu's pastimes as rescuer of the conditioned souls, the general people were so astonished and they glorified Mahaprabhu so much. Mahaprabhu said to Jagai and Madhai, "Jagai and Madhai, if you do not do this again, I can forgive your offences forever. Now chant 'Hare Krishna!'" Jagai and Madhai asked Mahaprabhu, "Please give some service to us, Your servitors." Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu said, "You chant 'Hare Krishna' and give this Hare Krishna Mantra to everyone, and sweep the pathway by the Ganges and keep it clean. Then with a clean heart you can proceed." Jagai and Madhai every day did that, and that place is still known as Madhai Ghat. Our parikrama party crosses the Ganges from that place.

Anyhow, everyone knows that Nityananda Prabhu is the Supreme Personality of Godhead's second incarnation. That is Nityananda Prabhu. Madhavendra Puri initiated Nityananda Prabhu. Haridas Thakur, Adwaita Acharyya Prabhu and others there also received initiation from Madhavendra Puri.

Iswara Puri was a sannyasi, and he was always with Madhavendra Puri. Many times Madhavendra Puri came to Nabadwip and Shantipur, and stayed with Isvara Puri in the house of Adwaita Acharyya. Sometimes they took prasadam in Mahaprabhu's father's house, Jagannath Misra's house.

Nityananda Prabhu is the main pillar of preaching Krishna consciousness of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Mahaprabhu took sannyas. Before that, at a function, Mahaprabhu gave permission for Nityananda Prabhu to hold a Vyasa-puja ceremony. Nityananda Prabhu did that puja, but He gave the final garland to Mahaprabhu, thereby showing Chaitanya's glories. Mahaprabhu chanted the Holy Name of Lord Krishna: "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare." This was Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's preaching, but more than that, He was the non-different form of Hare Krishna — the non-different form of Radha Krishna. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu bestowed His mercy to the general people.

At that time Nityananda Prabhu's preaching was in another way. His preaching was the glorification of Sriman Mahaprabhu.

bhaja gauranga, kaha gauranga, laha gauranger nama,
yei jana gauranga bhaje sei amara prana

This was Nityananda Prabhu's mantram that He gave to us. That Nityananda Prabhu, when Mahaprabhu took sannyas, was with Mahaprabhu. Mahaprabhu circled three days in Rarha-desa, and there also Nityananda Prabhu was with Mahaprabhu and He took Him to Adwaita Acharyya's house. Sachimata, Adwaita Acharyya, and others, they all gave overflowing Krishna-Prema to the people. Then Mahaprabhu went to Puri, and Nityananda Prabhu was with Mahaprabhu as a guardian. He recited to Mahaprabhu stories he had heard from before of Ksira-chora-Gopinath and of Saksi-Gopal.

At Atharanalar, just before entering Puri Dham, Nityananda Prabhu broke Mahaprabhu's dandam into three pieces and threw it in the water. Mahaprabhu was very sad and said, "I shall not go with you all. I shall go alone. You shall go first, or I shall go first?" They replied, "You go first and we shall go behind."

Then Mahaprabhu went to the Jagannath Temple, and there Mahaprabhu fainted and Sarvabhauma Bhattacharyya took His body. That is another history. But at that time, Nityananda Prabhu was with Mahaprabhu, and Nityananda Prabhu immediately assessed the situation and understood that Mahaprabhu was at Sarvabhauma Bhattacharyya's house. He went to Sarvabhauma's house, met with Mahaprabhu, and later He came to see Jagannath.

Anyhow, there Mahaprabhu started preaching in Puri Dham with Nityananda Prabhu and others. Then Nityananda Prabhu came back to Rarha-desa, but again for the darshan of Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu went to Puri Dham with so many of His followers, like Dvadas-gopal, twelve cowherd boys. With Nityananda they were preaching, and the next time Nityananda went to Puri, Mahaprabhu ordered Him, "You look after that Bengal side, and I shall look after this side. This is our preaching strategy."

Then Nityananda went back with all His followers to Shantipur, and from there to Nabadwip, and from there to other places. He preached all over Bengal. His preaching was in glorification of Mahaprabhu.

bhaja gauranga, kaha gauranga, laha gauranger nama,
yei jana gauranga bhaje sei amara prana

Whoever took shelter to Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu was very merciful to him and gave all wealth of Krishna-Prema to him. This was the character of Nityananda Prabhu.

If anyone will once chant "Jaya Gaura Hari, Jaya Sachinandana," Nityananda Prabhu thinks, "I am the slave of him," and gives all to him. This type of mercy Nityananda Prabhu gave. Uttama, adhama, kichu na kare vichara. Who is fallen, who is not fallen, who is bad, who is good — there is no consideration, Nityananda
Prabhu's mercy goes everywhere. Even where the sunlight doesn't go, there Nityananda Prabhu's mercy also goes. That is Nityananda Prabhu's character. Narottama Das Thakur sang the glories of Nityananda Prabhu. Vrindavan Das Thakur wrote the Sri Chaitanya-charitamrta, but there we see more glorification for Nityananda Prabhu than Mahaprabhu. Vrindavan Das Thakur was the last disciple of Nityananda Prabhu.

Nityananda's indispensable mercy

Without the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu no one will get Krishna-Prema. Raghunath Das Goswami tried many times to leave from his home, but he could not be successful. But finally when he met with Nityananda Prabhu in Panihati, Nityananda Prabhu saw Raghunath Das Goswami, and in a joking mood said, "I shall punish you today." Then Raghunath Das Goswami asked, "Prabhu, what is Your punishment? Give it to me. I shall take it." Then Nityananda Prabhu told him. "Feed this group of devotees who are here with Me. Feed them all." And Raghunath Das Goswami was very happy.

That is a very famous festival held by Das Goswami Prabhu, and it is known as the Dadhi Chira Mahotsav, the yoghurt and chipped rice festival. He distributed yoghurt, khir, sandesh, banana, mango and other items, and everyone took these in a clay pot. So many people were gathered on the banks of the Ganges. The place was so full that some were standing in the Ganges while eating, like that.

Nityananda Prabhu invited Mahaprabhu, and Mahaprabhu came there in His subtle form and took chira with Nityananda Prabhu and His devotees. Then Nityananda Prabhu was very merciful, and He instructed Raghunath Das Goswami, "Now you go back to your house, all your bondage has now gone, and you will get Chaitanyadev."

Raghunath Das Goswami went back. At that time he gave some pranami to every Vaisnava — some gold, etc. He went back to his house, but from then onwards he did not enter the third 'zone' of his house. In those days, in rich peoples' homes there were three zones. The women lived in the third zone; in the second zone lived the masters' rank; and in the first zone lived all others. After that Raghunath Das Goswami stayed in that first zone.

There were guards also. His father kept twelve guards for him. But one day, by the grace of Nityananda Prabhu, he got the opportunity, and Raghunath Das Goswami went to Mahaprabhu where Mahaprabhu took him as His exclusive servitor and gave him so much. Mahaprabhu gave the position to Raghunath Das Goswami as one of the pillars of his conception. That is another matter.

Krishna das Kaviraj said that Raghunath Das Goswami prayed to Nityananda Prabhu, and he chastised his brother. His brother did not have full faith in Nityananda, so he chastised his brother, and in the night Nityananda said, "I am very happy with you. Do not stay in this house. You go to Vrindavan!"

Jiva Goswami's pilgrimage

When Jiva Goswami came, at that time Nityananda Prabhu took Jiva Goswami and showed him all of Nabadwip. Visnupriya Devi gave her mercy, Sachi Mata gave so much affection, and other Vaisnavas there were also very merciful to Jiva Goswami. Nityananda Prabhu said to Jiva Goswami to go to Vrindavan.

Narottama Das Thakur came back from Vrindavan, and he started to glorify Nityananda Prabhu. Nitai-pada-kamala, koti-chandra-susitala, ei chayaya..., Only this one song is sufficient to know about Nityananda Prabhu's character — His mercy, His glories, and everything about Him you can understand. Finally Narottama Das Thakur said:

nitaiyera karuna habe, braje radha-krsna pabe,
dharo nitaiyera charana du'khani
nitaiyer charana satya, tahara sevaka nitya
nitai-pada sada koro asa
narottama bodo dukhi, nitai more koro sukhi
rakho ranga-charanera pasa

This kind of glorification of Nityananda Prabhu. Anyhow, this day is a very happy and auspicious day for everyone, that the whole world is chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, and it is by the grace and mercy of Nityananda Prabhu this has happened. Nityananda Prabhu is the non-different form of Gurudev. Everywhere it is told in the Scriptures that Nityananda-tattva is Guru-tattva. Even when Guru is Radharani, there also we can see Nityananda Prabhu's mercy for others. Nitaiyer karuna habe, braje Radha-Krsna pabe.

heno nitai bine bhai, radha-krsna paite nai,
drdha kori' dharo nitaira paya

Take the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu, He bestows His mercy not only on His own generation, but He bestows more divine mercy through Virachandra Prabhu as the son of Nityananda Prabhu. Jhanava Mata, she also organised so many institution such as Narottama Thakur Kheturi, etc. That is all related with Nityananda Prabhu. And Virachandra Prabhu's preaching was so wide, more than Nityananda Prabhu's.

We heard from Guru Maharaj, "Dayal Nitai!" Lastly, this was a miracle for me. Prabhupad Saraswati Thakur gave Guru Maharaj his exclusive power for his own Rupanuga line, but Guru Maharaj said that without Nityananda you will not be able to enter that line. After entering there you can get everything, but you will not gain entrance without Nityananda Prabhu's mercy.

nitaiyer charana satya, tahara sevaka nitya
nitai-pada sada koro asa
narottama bodo dukhi, nitai more koro sukhi
rakho ranga-charanera pasa

Nityananda Prabhu's glories are so much. Kaviraj Goswami had seen Nityananda's form in a dream, and it is such a merciful, glorious form. There are so many things about Nityananda Prabhu, but I want even a little bit of mercy of Nityananda Prabhu. What more can I say! I must say to everyone: you take shelter of the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu and you will have no fear from anywhere. Nityananda Prabhu's divine manifestation is as mul-sankarsana. Kaviraj Goswami gave so many slokas about Nityananda Prabhu's divine manifestation.

We are so little, and we do not know anything. Without Mahaprabhu's mercy we cannot understand Nityananda. Nityananda's character is such that if Brahma would see Nityananda Prabhu with a bottle of wine in one hand and in the other a prostitute, and he was walking in the road, Brahma with his four heads would fall down to Nityananda and praise Him. This is the type of character of Nityananda. Mahaprabhu Himself distributed small pieces of Nityananda's kaupin (underwear) to the devotees, and instructed them, "Every day worship it, then no fear will come from illusion." This is one of Nityananda Prabhu's many glories.

One day Nityananda Prabhu went naked to Mahaprabhu's house. Many devotees were there, and they were very much surprised to see Nityananda Prabhu's naked form, but Mahaprabhu glorified Him that day to the devotees and gave them the pieces of kaupin. Nityananda Prabhu's character is inconceivable.

Nityananda would jump in the Ganges and play with the crocodiles. In the road where the big bulls were walking, he would jump on their backs and ride them. Nityananda Prabhu was so strong physically, like Baladeva.

Nityananda Prabhu's glorification I cannot do properly. I want to touch a little bit of those glories and pray to Srila Guru Maharaj that he will mercifully give me the shelter of his lotus feet. But what can I say more!

Jaya Pancatattvatmaka Nityananda Prabhu ki jaya!
Jaya Mahaprabhu ki jaya!
Gaur premanande haribol!

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