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(Revealed Truth) Srila Gurudev

(Revealed Truth) Srila Gurudev

Atmanam viddhi: it is necessary to know your own self, to understand whether what you are doing, eating, and giving are really fo.r the satisfaction of Guru and Vaisnava. Self-knowledge, self-realisation, is best for us, and through that we will be promoted.

If we are fully dedicated to the Lord, then help will come to us from His side. We must examine our own level of dedication. There is an Urdu or Arabian word, saltamami, which means a calculated account of a year’s debit and credit transactions. We must make a saltamami of our own life: “Every day the sun rises and sets. What am I doing and giving each day during that time? Day by day is my practising life increasing or decreasing? Am I dedicated externally or internally?” We must scrutinise what we are doing from morning to evening every day and make an account of that.

It is necessary for us to realise how much good and bad was present within us in our previous days, and also to realise that whatever others are doing or will do is not so important for us. The biggest question for us must be what we are doing and what we are giving. If we can analyse ourselves in this way with a saltamami every day, then we will become more perfect.

It is necessary for us to realise that we will get proper results in our spiritual life if we perfectly try to do our practice. It is no doubt difficult, but there is no other way to get out of the illusory environment. We must try as much as possible by ourselves.

It is necessary to see what is happening in our own lives. If we are not careful about our own activity, then we will be cheated.

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