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Divine Guidance

(Divine Guidance, Srila Govinda Maharaja)

The Lord has given independence to all souls—from their very inception they have the potency of thinking, feeling and willing. This independence... has been given to us by the Lord. Why? So that by our own desire and free wish we can engage ourselves in His Service. With as much power at our command, as much as we desire, we can combine everything we have and render Divine Service to the Lord.

The Lord’s feeling is, “I have given you independence, and I will not take it back. If you want to serve Me, you may do so; otherwise you can go to Måyå. You may do as you wish. But you will be happy if you render service to Me. Why will you be happy? If you serve the eternal, you will reap the eternal fruit; if you serve the temporal, you must reap the temporary fruit.” ‘To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,’ as the scientist Newton said in his third law. So Krsna is saying, “Do My Service and your service will be done twice as well.” When Krsna’s friend is eating a very sweet fruit, he will give that fruit to Krsna, “See, Brother, you will like this very much.” Then Krsna eats some and says, “Yes, this is excellent, but how shall I eat it alone? You also eat!” Then they both eat very happily.

We also hear about the Pastimes of Krsna with the Gopis on the banks of the Yamunå. Krsna gives happiness to all, even to the point of giving Himself. If anyone is unhappy, He gives them double happiness. And the conception that has been given to us by Sri Chaitanya Mahåprabhu is most elevated.

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