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Nice Letter From Srila Bhakti Vijay Trivikram Maharaja

Dear Srila Keshava Maharaj,

I’m genuinely happy to see your movements.

If you can keep the mood of our Gurus, being humble like a blade of grass, being tolerant as a tree and offering honor to all without expecting honor for you, then your preaching will grow like anything. We all know the necessity of the soul and therefor we want to be absorbed in the substance of Krishna Conciousness and we want to facilitate to others to get that substance as well. You have the enthusiasm to preach and I’m sure Gurudeva is behind you protecting you and inspiring you to proceed.

Take care and don’t allow your success to go up to your head. Sometimes its necessary to make a decision and proceed by your own. You are a brave man and devoted. We need to respect the institutional boundaries, and at the same time work in harmony with the centre. You should proceed with full heart defending what you stand for (like you used to say). Following your heart, the necessity of your heart can’t be wrong. Madhusudana Maharaj is already initiating disciples. He did in Ukraine and Avadhuta Maharaj is backing him. Slowly things are taken a different shape in our mission. Patience is all important.

I’m in São Paulo and was in Uberalândia before. On the 8th I go back to the ashram and then stay for few months. I need to take care of my health, I’ve been suffering from some weird pains. Dieting and doing yoga intensely is helping. Please, forgive my offenses.

B.V.Trivikram Maharaj

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