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Serve The Vaishnavas Without Enviousness

Serve the Vaisnavas without enviousness

Revealed truth (Srila Gurudev) We will be able to harmonise everything when we truly take shelter at Krsna’s lotus feet. Krsna is Reality the Beautiful, and wit...h His connection we have the chance to feel the full form of His qualities and beauty. When we have the opportunity to get everything through our connection with the Lord, then we do not need to be envious of anyone else. Srila Guru Maharaj trained me from my childhood: “Serve the Vaisnavas without enviousness.” If we see a devotee doing our job better than we are, then we must consider that he is doing good for us. We should not be envious of him. When a devotee is doing so much that I cannot do, I praise him for that. I do not criticise him.

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