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Hare Krishna Sat Sanga


Hare Krishna Sat Sanga

The devotees all met at Yogamaya Dasi's house on Tuesday for Sat Sanga. The evening started off with a nice kirtan lead by Krishna kirtan Prabhu who played the Mridanga drum while all the devotees followed by chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra in call and response style.

After the kirtan Srila Keshava Maharaja had a nice talk on Krishna, our Masters, and the universal brotherhood of all religious paths and the importance of non sectarianism and respecting our brothers and sisters on different spiritual paths and in different lineages.

The feast was a combined effort by all devotees who each decided to bring a prep of his or her choosing. Some of the prasadam foodstuffs was Marinated curd steaks, rice, pappdums, salad, salad dressings, kitcheri, and mango lassi. Dessert was a beautiful beetroot cake covered in berry and cream sauces made by Cecila Didi and James Prabhu who have a wonderful organic farm and who protect Brahman cows and bulls. It was so inspiring to have Cecila Didi and James Prabhu's devotee association, they are a very kind and inspiring couple.

After the prasadam devotees enjoyed discussing Krishna Consciousness with each other.

A huge thank you to all the devotees who came along and contributed to this Sat Sang so it was so delightful.

All glories to all our divine Masters!

Jaya Sri Guru and Gauranga!


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