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Initiation Ceremonies of Lalita Bhakti and Lilamrta Devi Dasi


Initiation Ceremonies of Lalita Bhakti and Lilamrta Devi Dasi

The devotees were delighted to witness the initiations of Lalita Bhakti Devi Dasi and Lilamrta Devi Dasi. The devotees congregated at Sunaina Devi Dasi and Sahadeva Prabhu's home temple in Byron Bay, Australia, where the ceremony took place. Srila Keshava Maharaja gave a nice Krishna conscious talk about the significance of the initiation ceremony and gave the Tulsi neck beads, japa mala and Holy name to Lalita Bhakti Devi Dasi, Sudevi's dear daughter. Lilamrta Devi Dasi also received Tulsi neckbeads and japa mala from Maharaja formely, along with the Holy name, the divine Pancha Tattva mantra and Maha Mantra.

Congratulations to these two special souls on this important day in their lives, a big thanks also to all the devotees who came along to help celebrate this important ceremony with Lalita Bhakti and Lilamrta Devi Dasi. A big thanks to Srila B A Keshava Maharaja for connecting souls to the divine bhakti shakti current, which descends in the current of Guru disciplic succesion

All glories to Srila B A Keshava and his dear Gurudeva Srila Govinda Maharaja for spreading the divine light of Krishna consciousness and for fufilling the desires of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

All glories to all the assembled devotees!

Hare Krishna!


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