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Disappearance of Srila Govinda Maharaja

He who reasons ill, who tell that Vaisnavas die,when thou art still living in sound, the Vaisnavas die to live, and living, try to spread the holy name around.This is from Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, in relation to the mystical and inspired mysteries of the lords divine representative. Although it appears that the Vaisnava Acharya departs this world, it is expressed that he is always with us, Srila Govinda Maharaja expressed this many times to his disciples.By service in seperation, really that is the deeper connection with our beloved Master.His divine instructions are the cherished exclusive direction and service for the sincere disciple.By mood and practise shown by his divine example we are safe in the shade of his lotus feet, and our progress is assured by the lord himself,man manah bhava mad bhakto in this way the promise is revealed.Our beloved Master is always beckoning us on in service in seperation, and those who TRY to sincerly attempt to follow in both mood and practise of devotion will always be with him.The ocean of seperation is no doubt painful ,but here lies our relief in our ever thoughtful and reflective attempt to please him.One day our seperation will be adjusted by his all merciful embrace in being allowed his company once again in service to the all absolute Love of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga......B A keshava Maharaja

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