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Srila Keshava Maharaja visits Byron Bay April 2015

Srila Keshava Maharaja was recently in byron bay staying at the Home of Arjuna Prabhu and Jahnavi dd,he was very happy and inspired to be involved in the creation of a new food caravan called Lotus Life.This incredible project was due to the sincere efforts of Jahnavi dd and Arjuna Prabhu who worked hard to make this happen.Jahnavi was busy preparing all the last minute details e.g pot buying, sourcing dry supplies and even arranging the signage herself,both these devotees are an inspiration and there boys Jaya Gauranga Prabhu and Nitai Prabhu were also on hand to help.The first launch of the van was at Ballina markets on the 19th of April,it was an amazing first trial and went well.Maharaja himself was personally involved and helped with the cooking.

All the devotees in Byron met with Maharaja,including Cintamini dd,Lilamrta dd,Lila Shakti dd it was nice to see everyone in affectionate devotional mood. The food caravan was a major service Project to launch so Maharaja was happy to be focused to help and support the devotees in this great project.In the future there are plans to attend festivals and distribute Prasadam,Chanting of the holy names, and the teachings of Mahaprabhu to the public.By the mercy of Srila Govinda Maharaja amd Srila Sridhara Maharaja,the preaching attempt must be sucessful

All glories to the service efforts of Jahnavi dd who worked hard day and Night to make this happen and all her sourcing of products, and Arjuna Prabhu for his expertise in the enginerring jobs to make the new baimarie fit and other mechanics.All glories to Srila keshava Maharaja for his affectionate guidance through this service journey,All glories to our Beloved Masters,everyone is now due a rest to recover for the next event :)

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