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The Path of Bhakti

Vaisnavism is the path of the heart, so to move with this consciousness and see all sentient beings in relation to the centre as revealed by our Masters is to try to direct ourselves and all others toward service to Sri Krsna Reality the beautiful. Krsna, Mahaprabhu will dance as he likes with his servitors,past, present and in the future,in the ever fresh Lila of the Sankirtan movement, it is both a mystical and spontaneous Divine play.Surrendered in Love and universal truth in devotion is the gift to realise there is no monopoly in relation to Bhakti ,Krsna is enjoying his play of accepting the offerings from all servitors in the various devotional camps as he likes according to his sweet will.This vision is how we harmonise and honour all manifest and unmanifest devotional forums. B A Keshava Maharaja

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