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Aspiring for reality in the relative plane

We are forever indebted to our Beloved teachers who have come here into the relative plane to awaken us to the greatest prospect of our lives, to be free in our real devotional nature as servitors of the all absolute Love Divine.Let us all attempt to proceed in service and understanding that it is a grant from above and we are only instruments in the hands of the All sweet Absolute.Our false ego is not real,it is the controlling tendency and dreamlike revolt that holds us in the relative consciousness that will dissolve by the real controller the all absolute Love by our continual attempt in practising life.Krsna promises this to those that attempt to surrender by the direction and guidance of his agents

His presence in sound form in the age of Kali is the great medicine to wash away all that is foreign to the soul in its real identity.The path of service to the Divine sound as revealed by Mahaprabhu is available to all sincere souls, so we should try to approach the sacred arena as students forever, in the mood of gratitude to the lords own agents, who by there mercy deliver the sweet medicine to awaken us to Reality beyond the relative Plane.

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