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The aspiring servitor of the Vaisnava

So, through the godliness in his heart, everyone must be a

purifying agent. God is on the throne of the heart, and from there He

will emanate such a fine ray which will purify not only that person’s

heart, but also the environment. ‘Vaisnava’ means a purifying agent

who emanates goodness, absolute goodness, everywhere—through his

movements, his words, his actions, everything: deed, thought and

word, kåya, mana, våkya. A Vaisnava is an agent of auspiciousness; te

vaisnavah bhuvanamåsu pavitrayanti. There are so many Vaisnavas, and

by their chanting the Holy Name, by all their practices and by their

whole lives, they are like so many purifying agents.

By proper knowledge, proper dealings and proper conduct they set

everything in it’s proper position and create adjustment in the domain

of maladjustment. This world is maladjusted, and the balancing

agents, the unifying factors, are the Vaisnavas. Just as there is a germ,

a virus which spreads a particular contagious disease, so there must be

the opposite of that, something which emanates only a pure and

healthy atmosphere, and that is the Vaisnava.

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