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Practise makes perfect by the mercy of the Vaisnava

We are but aspirants,students on the great journey to self discovery,self realisation, the very essence of Vaisnavism or Krsna consciousness is service,and to serve is to hold some reverence for a person the Divine Absolute who is of that infinite Higher World which is above us .As conditioned souls to serve in the provincial plane others who are also conditioned is fundamental in our present state of awareness and we are all seeing the temporary and reactionary rewards of those transactions. By the mercy of the great Masters we are encouraged to serve the Higher Subjective realm and be rewarded with the divine currency of self realisation, deeper service connection, and true inner fulfillment by the path of Bhakti Yoga. The reward for service in the mundane plane is further entanglement within relativity, so our choice to lord it over the environment is our great delusion and unhappiness. Let us take heed of the ALL loving advice of the Great Vaisnavas and serve the divine prospect of loving service to the Lord of our hearts Sri Sri Guru Gauranga and Sri Sri Radha Govinda.The vast deep oceanic literatures that have been left for us to dive deep into, have been revealed to inspire, educate, and entice us back to home back to Godhead the land of transcendental sweetness....let us all try, TRY and try again, to take full advantage of this incredible gift, mercy, and opportunity to attain our super benefit in spiritual life.This human form is the long awaited chance....""ACT"" take good counsel, and associate with those who have faith in the great prospect, the Vaisnavas, and be happy.Oh you sons and daughters of nectar surrender to your own inner wealth and follow the Angels the Vaisnavas,by body, words,consciousness and heart full mood.

B A Keshava Maharaja

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